Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How do you tell the Difference? Its in the passion....

Working with kids for some years now we have learned a lot! They are amazing and inspiring.
This is something we have worked hard at, building the business, developing relationships, and teaching confidence through skateboarding, skating is what changed my life.
I do not take this job for granted, I feel incredibly grateful.

So on that note....
It really bothers us to watch people who just want to make money, who have no idea what teaching is about, try to get out there scam parents & children into lessons!??
There are so many respectable people in skateboarding, those who have inspired me my whole life and led me to do what I do now.
Just hard to read and watch these inexperienced individuals try to convince people they can do this job well, or at all! You give no time, no effort, have no experience and call it teaching? That really discredits what the rest of us have worked so hard at,
Somethings are not just about money.